St. Monica’s Leadership Team

Bishop Andrew Asbil, The BISHOP of TORONTO; the Diocesan Bishop is the chief pastor of the Diocese of Toronto, with pastoral oversight of 202 parishes.
The Rt. Rev. Kevin Robertson, The SUFFRAGAN BISHOP of YORK-SCARBOROUGH, who has the oversight of St Monica’s, among many others.
The Reverend Nola Crew, The RECTOR of ST MONICA’S
The Reverend Benjamin Gillard, The DEACON of ST MONICA’S, who is cross-appointed to the parish of St John’s (Norway) and has been with us since May of 2019.
Elizabeth Achiman, LAY PASTOR & MISSIONER – currently on Sabbatical
Kim Marshall, MUSIC MASTER
William Sharpe, CHAIR of the BOARD of DIRECTORS
Karen Anderson, The RECTOR’S WARDEN

The Reverend Nola Crewe, Rector of St Monica’s &
The Rt. Rev. Bishop Andrew Asbil, the Bishop of Toronto